High School & Middle School Forecasting

High School & Middle School Forecasting

Posted on May 21, 2020


Forecasting has started for the 2020-2021 school year.


    • Log into Register Online Course Requests using URL:
       Enter your student ID number (7 digit number with any leading zeros)
       Enter your birth date: (examples – 05/06/2006, 10/15/2006)
       Click on the “Login” Button
    • The left side of the page may show course requests previously selected for you by a counselor, or by you. This page also shows how many more courses (by credit count) you may select to fill a full day of school.
    • The right side of the page is a list of courses from which you may select your course requests (Available Courses)
    • To select your primary course requests from course list
      • Click on the Green plus sign on the left side of course
    • To select your alternate course requests from course list
      • Click on the Blue plus sign on the left side of course
    • To make an alternate as an alternate for a primary course
      • Click on the “ALT” located to the left of selected course
    • To change course list order
      • Click on course and drag to the desired position in the list
    • To delete a course selection
      • Click on the “Red X” to the right of the course
    • To reset to prior list of course selections before submission
      • Click on the Reset Button located on bottom left of page
    • To Save and submit course Request list
      Click on the Submit button located on the bottom left of page

Attached you will find instructions for High School Students to forecast.

Forecasting Instructions and Course Descriptions

New Grad Requirements

If you need assistance or cannot access the online format, then please email your counselor Robb Ellis

Robb.Ellis@lincoln.k12.or.us or call 541-996-2115

Thank you