Staff Directory

First Name Last Name EMAIL Title Resource
Nick Lupo Principal
Summer Skalicky Assistant Principal
Zach Lillebo AD/Assistant Principal
Tracy Berry North County Homeless Advocate (Located at Taft Elementary)
Angel Schafer North Area Health Service Advocate
Kate Erwin North Area Service Coordinator
Melissa Coggin Office Manager
Kori Bayer Athletic Secretary
Kelly Linfoot Bi-lingual Customer Service
Lauren Taylor Registar
Amber Swope Health & Records
Melissa Coggins Attendance
Trent Adams Teachers – HS Social Studies
Joey Arce-Torres Student Support Facilitator
Eva Ahumada Teacher – HS Math
Jessica Bailey Teachers – MS Math (7th)
Pearl Barkley Bi-lingual Tutor
Andy Bedingfield Teacher – HS Chemistry
TAG Coordinator
Lindsy Bedingfield Teacher – HS Social Studies/LA
Raleigh Bartholomew Teacher – MS PE, MS Choir, Theatre Director
Dana Buckley CTE Assistant
Wendy Britton Teacher – MS English
Danielle Clanton Teacher – MS Social Studies
Sunny Diaz Teacher – HS English
Patty Dodson Media Assistant
Sam Escalante College and Career Coordinator
Cory Francis Teacher – Music
Miracle Fingerson Teacher – PACE Program (SPED)
Nate Fingerson Counselor
Jerry Guthrie Teacher – MS Science
Genevieve Gray Teacher – HS Language Arts
Kelsey Hart Teacher – HS Math  Integrated Math 1 Website
Kary Hanson SPED II Instructional Assistant/SPED Clerk
Sarah Horobin Teacher – HS Special Education
Kim Jackson Teacher – MS Math
Alexa Jamison Teacher – Language Arts
Laura Jean Teacher – Spanish
Sandra Jouglard Graduation Coach/Bi-Lingual
Edward Klem Teacher – HS Math
Noah Lambie Teacher – Art/Physics/CTE
Nichole Le Sage Teacher – HS Social Studies
Nick Lupo Principal
Isaac Marshall Teacher – MS ART
Billy Ann Martin Teacher – MS Science
MS ASB Advisor
Chloe Migliaccio Teacher – HS American Sign Language, Mythology, Theatre Director
Jon Minch Teacher – Special Education
Cindy Magalllanes SLC SPED Teacher
Maria Molvig Student Support Facilitator
Janet Moreno Bi-lingual Tutor
Madi Nathman Teacher – Health, AVID & LEADERSHIP (ASB)
Francis Nino SPED II Assistant – PACE Program
Krista Owen Middle School Counselor
Connie Pazienza Teacher – MS Special Education
Gaspar Pedro Bi-lingual Tutor
Michele Pardo SPED High School
Kristina Pico Literacy TOSA – District
Sara Pursel Teacher – Biology
Elida Ramsey Special Education Assistant
Alyssa Redmond Indian Ed. Coordinator
Jobeth Rube Teacher – MS English
Lesa Schimacher School Psycologist
Julie Sexton Special Education Assistant
Karissa Snelling Teacher – ELD
Glen Stowers Teacher – Future Bound (MS)
Norma Thompson Teacher – MS Social Studies
Jake Tolan Teacher – Forestry, AVID
Julia Westbrook Teacher – Culinary and Foods
Savannah Whitt Teacher – MS Math/STEAM
Zach Wolff E-Learning Specialist