Staff Directory

First Name Last Name EMAIL Title Resource
Nick Lupo Principal
Summer Skalicky Assistant Principal
Zach Lillebo AD/Assistant Principal
North County Contacts
Tracy Berry North County Homeless Advocate (Located at Taft Elementary)
Angel Schafer North Area Health Service Advocate
Eva Ahumada Teacher – HS Math/Leadership ASB Integrated Math
Jessica Bailey Teachers – MS Math (7th)
Kori Bayer Athletic Secretary/Info & Records
Andy Bedingfield Teacher – HS Chemistry Website
Raleigh Bartholomew Teacher – MS PE
Kaitlyn Christensen Office Manager
Jeff Borton Teacher – MS Social Studies
Dana Buckley CTE Assistant
Wendy Britton Teacher – MS English
David Cauthers Teacher – HS English
Danielle Clanton Teacher – MS Science
TBD TBD Indian Education Coordinator
Kelly Linfoot Bi-lingual Customer Service
Sunny Diaz Teacher – HS English
Patty Dodson Dodson Media Assistant
Kim Jackson Teacher – MS Math
Rodney Duncan Graduation Coach
Robb Ellis Counselor
Miracle Fingerson Teacher – Social Studies/LA
Sam Escalante College and Career Coordinator
Sandra Jouglard Teacher – Spanish/Science
Jerry Guthrie Teacher – MS Social Studies
Kelsey Hart Teacher – HS Math  Integrated Math 1 Website
Sarah Horobin Teacher – HS Special Education
Edward Klem Teacher – HS Math
Noah Lambie Teacher – Art/Physics/CTE
Nichole Le Sage Teacher – HS Social Studies
Nick Lupo Principal
Isaac Marshall Teacher – MS ART
Elida Ramsey Special Education Assistant
Chloe Migliaccio Teacher – HS American Sign Language, HS Success, Mythology
Jon Minch Teacher – Special Education
Genevieve Gray Teacher – HS Language Arts
Janet Moreno Bi-lingual Tutor
Krista Owen Middle School Counselor
Gaspar Pedro Bi-lingual Tutor
Michele Pardo SPED High School
Kristina Pico Teacher – HS English
Sara Pursel Teacher – Biology
Kate Quinn Teacher – HS English/Social Studies
Jobeth Rube Teacher – MS English
Karissa Snelling Teacher – ELD
Cory Francis Teacher – Music
Billy Ann Martin Teacher – MS Science
MS ASB Advisor
Amber Swope Health & Records
Lauren Taylor Info & Records – Counseling Center
Jake Tolan Teacher – Forestry, AVID
Madi Feldman Teacher – PE/Strength Training/Leadership ASB
Julia Westbrook Teacher – Culinary and Foods
Laura Blair Teacher – MS STEM
Zach Wolff E-Learning Specialist
Cindy Magalllanes SLC SPED Teacher
Dylan Eder SLC SPED Teacher