Course Outlines

Distance Learning Course Outlines

Taft 7-12 has outlined each course for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year.  Each course will have their specific requirements for completion and to earn credit towards graduation.  Students will work with their individual teachers to provide evidence of their learning through the listed assessment options on each course outline.  Students may reach all of their teachers via email, Google Classroom, text remind and designated Google Hangout times.  Please see the Distance Learning Schedule for details about course meeting times and teacher availability.




Social Studies


Middle School Electives

High School Electives


Ms. Wolff –

SSC Elective

Ms. Fingerson –

SSC Elective

Ms. Horobin –

SSC Elective

Mr. Minch –

*SSC Elective

Modified English Modified Social Studies Ms. Snelling –

*ESOL Classes

*Please, contact your course advisor or teacher for specific course requirements.